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Join us at Zweli's for an extravagant Five Course Wine Dinner, featuring exquisite hand tailored flavors from the Southern African region, paired with delicious and exotic wine selections from Rickety Bridge, a South African winery. This evening will be packed with fine cuisine, impeccable wine selections and intimate conversation. We look forward to having you wine and dine at Zweli's.

 Zweli's Cooking Class

Zweli's Cooking Class

Engage. Encourage. Embrace. We are a company of its community. Therefore, we thrive to give back, be involved and promote hope for aspiring entrepreneurs. Zweli’s is the remnants of the life of Chef Zwe, translated into flavors, ambition and prosperity. We Are…

Zweli's Cooking Classes

Set the standard with an intimate evening of fun and food, creating your own dinner experience with Chef Zwe! Enjoy engaging conversations, worldly cuisine and the aromas of Zweli's Flavors. Each cooking class features a different theme and flavor profile. Come as friends, come as couples; you're sure to come back for more.

Chef Zwe's Dine Table

Visiting Zweli's provides a diverse range of experiences. One unique method to a memorable visit is dinner with the Chef at Chef Zwe's Dine Table. Take a journey beyond the daily menu option and enjoy a 4 course meal, specially made with original, authentic ingredients, sure to leave you in "awe." (By Request Only)

 Risotto Stack with Scallop and Shrimp over a pallet of Pepper and Basil Sauce

Risotto Stack with Scallop and Shrimp over a pallet of Pepper and Basil Sauce

Tiny Desk Live

Come vibe at Zweli's Kitchen. We're excited to host Tiny Desk Concerts and Artist Showcases. These casual, cool and eclectic evenings of soft live displays of visual and performing arts will be sure to set your evening scene just right. 

Flavors showcase

The Flavors Showcase is our annual Intimate Evening at Zweli's. We sample some of our top requested and desired dishes throughout the year from catering and dine-in experiences. Enjoy wine pairings with some of Zweli's finest entrees.